How and Why You Should Guest Post to Improve Your SEO

I get a lot of people asking me why do we need to guest post? Well, in SEO and blogging circles, we have known for years that a guest post can bring you more traffic back to a new blog, and help improve your SEO. I’ll share with you the story of one guest post that I wrote that effectively brought enough traffic back to my website, that I was allowed to succeed in a difficult industry.

Now, you don’t need any paid tools or special tech skills to go about this strategy. What you do need is a decent blog and a passion to write. Blogging experts are always saying that guest posting is helpful when it comes to getting more traffic, however they fail to think about the SEO benefits as well.

A quick note before we begin, I strongly recommend setting up Google Analytics and going through the three steps to put tracking code on your blog and verify it and index it in Google before you use guest posting strategy.

Doing so will make sure that you can track as much data as possible and then make smart decisions for your content. So, let’s get started. The first step to using guest posting aka guest blogging to bring more traffic back to your blog, is to write a fantastic article on your blog. I’m talking exhaustive – not just good, but fantastic – something that will help your readers do something they really need to do or answers an important question that many people are looking to find.

I know there are guest posting agencies who take it very seriously and they have detailed strategies and connections with professional bloggers everywhere, however let’s just use my blogging  knowledge and experience here.

Now there is a popular post on my own personal blog that answers the question where to pitch blog posts. Now those words alone could be the title those are the key words for the post and you’ll find them in the title in the permalink up here and also several times throughout the post.

This post is long. It explains several ways to answer that question where to blog. It also includes links to other blog posts of mine, as well as around the web. It has enough content but not so much to bore people and it uses videos and images to keep people really engaged throughout.

I’ll be honest, I’ve spent probably the most time on this one page than I have on any other post or page on my personal blog and probably way more time than I should have. I really wanted to organise it so that people could use it and that Google would absolutely love it and I hope I’ve done that.

The point is to write a piece of cornerstone content if you’re blogging about something like gardening try to pick a question or an issue within gardening that’s really heavily searched and people really want an answer to but at the moment there isn’t a great answer anywhere on the web.

If you’re blogging about something like fitness try to pick an area of fitness that people have a burning need for lots of people all right once you write a cornerstone piece of content like this then you can basically forget about it for a little bit because you’re going to be writing articles for other blogs.

You’ll want to pick your own keyword phrase maybe 2 to 5 words that’s important to your niche so when someone searches where to blog they find this post people usually click on the first result and then they’re on my blog, boom!

The absolute centre of this strategy we’re talking about here is authority. The higher the PageRank on this guest post the more Google juice is passed through this link which goes to the page on my blog which we were just looking at Google sees this link this backlink right here on social media Explorer pointing towards my article and says hey wow social media Explorer is an authority so this article must be pretty good too why don’t we rank it a little bit higher in Google.

Google knows what words to rank this article for based on the words in this post and more importantly the words on the link right here where to start up a blog now if this article were on an even bigger website like New York Times or Forbes or something like that.

If I have landed an even bigger guest post then this PageRank number might be bigger and more of that PageRank juice would pass through this link to my post and Google might notice what’s going on quicker or rank my article even higher

Write a really amazing piece of content on your blog that a lot of people in your niche will be looking for make it super exhaustive make it clear use all of the amazing tools and design tools that are allowed for you in your blogging CMS once the post is good enough hit publish you can always update it later because Google loves when you update and refresh old content.

When your post is ready, you want to get it linked from guest post around the web like this so you want to basically get these links which point towards your post because the more links you have and the greater the PageRank on the pages where those links are coming from the higher your post is going to rank in Google

You can’t put links everywhere and you have to be subtle in this case this blog was awesome enough to allow me a byline and this is the one link I chose but within the post are other links to useful resources other posts on this particular blog and some other links around the web from notable authoritative figures writing guest posts isn’t easy and you should tailor them towards a specific blog or site.

Try searching for blogs with Write for Us pages like ours.  like this one right here if you write a generic post instead and send it around to ten different blogs they’re probably going to know that and I’m going to reject you

If you read a really specific post with links to existing content and it follows the same tone of the blog which you’ve hopefully been reading for a while then you’ll show that you care bombed with a guest post like this hop over to your email and write a really personal message to the person at the blog who’s collecting guest submissions it might be tough to know who this person is but do a little research find them around the web if you can read their work post comments and show a genuine interest

As someone who now receives to get guys posts I know that when a person emailing me you can say something really genuine and catch my interest I’m more likely to respond I’m not saying this is the perfect strategy or that I’ve got it down perfectly but it’s worked well enough for me to bring me lasting traffic over a long period of time.

Quality guest posts like this rarely get taken down so the content that you write and the backlinks that point to your blog are everlasting they’ll do work for you while you sleep while you create new articles and while you create new blogs once you land a few guest posts you can start displaying them and organizing them in your Google+ profile which will make you an even bigger authority in Google’s eyes. Guest posting can be a lot of fun.

By choosing a few good keywords to put in your posts and then put in your guest posts will make all the difference in the long run because you’re basically deciding what words you’re ranking for in Google and lastly don’t worry if you get rejected I got turned down I think a couple times on this particular blog before getting accepted with this guest post.

Even getting published on much smaller blogs is extremely helpful in the long run. I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope that within a couple months your traffic is looking amazing.

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