Your Guide to Vegetarian Bodybuilding Diets and Exercises

There is little written about vegetarian bodybuilding diets and exercises for vegetarians. You would think, therefore, that it is impossible to reconcile being vegetarian with a proper diet for bodybuilding. Logically, this thought does not lack merit. The main source of growth of muscle is protein, and if you do not eat any meat, how can you gain muscle?

However, this is not so. You can have a vegetarian diet and adjust it to intensive weight training. As it is only natural, vegetarians limit the number of foods that they can eat, so for muscular growth, they will need to do the equivalent however with other sources of proteins and carbohydrates.

In fact, there is a famous bodybuilder who is vegetarian. Its name is Bill Pearl, and if you are knowledgeable about the bodybuilding scene then you’ve heard of him. The principles of bodybuilding diets for vegetarians, will therefore be the same as for everyone else, however tailored to their particular situation and include low carbohydrate foods, high protein foods, and fat in proportion.

Let’s go through some vegetarian bodybuilding diets and exercises in more detail.

The Basics

As you know, one of the principles of the diet of bodybuilders is to eat as many carbohydrates as needed to support the amount of exercise that we will do in the day. And subtracting from that fat you’ve ingested. Because the carbohydrates are the fuel of the body, we’ll have to eat the daily amount needed for the activity we are going to do.

However, we cannot consume an amount exactly equivalent to what we merely need. We have to eat fewer carbohydrates than we need, because when we have concluded all the activity we are doing, the body will pull reserves, i.e. fat. And we need to burn fat well.

So you also have to eat a small amount of healthy fats and, of course, lots of protein. A vegetarian can go to lots of food adapted to their regime, including carbohydrates. The big problem lies in the proteins.

Soybeans, however not the only plant food that contains the protein, is perhaps the most appropriate and so today a proliferation of foods exist that include lots of soy. 50 g of soy are 150kcal, 10g of carbohydrates, and 26g of protein, 0.5 g total fat and 7 g of dietary fibre. It also has calcium and iron.

In fact, 50 grams of soy will be approximately 1/3 of a cup of tea, which is very low, especially for people who eat like a monster. Obviously, you will not live only from soybeans. You can eat eggs, rice, skim milk, cheese, and a variety of other foods.

An Ideal Diet

Although the values vary greatly for each body, ideally eat 70% of protein, carbohydrate 15% and 15% fat. The breakfast can be a cup of unsweetened cereal commodities (oats can also be a source of carbohydrates at any time), skim milk, and we like to add two tablespoons of strawberry flavored whey protein with the cereal. This ensures more or less, 40 grams of protein for breakfast.

Your next meal is going to be in about three hours or so. After preparing the soybean as you consider appropriate (soy can be just as meat, no problems), it’s time to eat. Soy already has a sufficient percentage of carbohydrates (10 g for every 50 grams), so you can eat only soy. Each soy ration of 100 g (half a cup of tea, more or less) nutrition: 20g carbohydrates carbon and 52g protein.

So we have a very basic diet for vegetarian bodybuilders. We note that there is virtually no different in the carnivorous diet of bodybuilders. The only difference is the change of the meat with soy. The rest is the same. Not to mention the importance of drinking at least 3 liters of water a day to maintain and add to what is considered appropriate for this phase: amino acids, glutamine and anti-catabolics in general.
If something goes wrong in a workout, you need a workaround in so far as small errors may prevent that we progress well, or that we will achieve our goals.

Then learn to repair the most common mistakes in training: Very little rest: It is vital to space the gym sessions out so that you can ensure a full recovery and muscle development before returning to the irons. Resting between each set gives the muscle time to recover until the next series, so you can do it with greater intensity.

The solution to this problem may be to leave a minimum of 72 hours between workouts for each of the muscle groups. With this in mind, our muscles will need time to recover before returning to coaching.

Stop Building Muscle Only

Many people do not do aerobics, stretching, abdominal exercises, and not just the rookies who are new to the gym however also many trained bodybuilders are guilty of this. This can only lead to bad results and prevent our body from progressing as it should. The solution to this problem is to allow time for aerobic and abdominal exercises.

It would also be good to work some areas separately, as do many bodybuilders. For example, to progress further, training legs in each zone can work the muscles independently and even when training several times a week.

Do not hit the target when choosing exercises: Abdominal, back, quadriceps, triceps and trapezius muscle groups are five in which we can easily fail to choose the right exercises to work the muscles effectively. They all have in common the fact that they are each complex muscles with several areas to work.

Many train an area with the thought of what they’re working when they are really working elsewhere. The solution is to try to learn a little more about the body before you work it. Knowing that the deltoids and triceps have three heads, and know what heads are before you can work them properly.

Another important thing with vegetarian bodybuilding diets and exercises is to look at what are the best exercises to work each zone.

Short and fast: It is quite convenient to perform the same number of repetitions and avoid stretching, which we may tend to think of as useless. We are really hindering progress in many muscles, though more in the legs. Many bodybuilders fall short and go too fast in the repetitions of squats, press or twins.

The key to building muscle is to work the muscle throughout the range of motion. The solution is to use a reasonable weight that allows us to complete at least eight complete repetitions, and where the range of motion is complete. We feel the contraction to the maximum to get a good pump. You can include partial repetitions however always at the end to reach the maximum contraction and then add a few more reps.

Performing the same training provided: Perhaps the most common error that will delay our development. Conducting the same training as always when we have verified that it is no longer effective is useless. The solution is to vary the routine every so often to ensure that our muscles are always getting used to training.

If you are working the biceps to the max and do not grow, the solution may be to find the angle of growth. We all know the importance of a full and shaped biceps to the overall image of a bodybuilder. The biceps workout is perhaps the simplest of all in terms of exercises, however thousands of athletes fail to stimulate the growth of this part of the arm. It is a fact.

Luckily there is also a solution. If you are among those who never reach a good biceps contraction and growth that follows, do not fail to read. Here are some tricks that you can help change the situation with vegetarian bodybuilding diets and exercises.

Do Not Preach

The preacher curl is preferred by many bodybuilders, however also acts more on the brachial. In some people who are fortunate and have appropriate anatomy, the brachial is developed under the biceps and these people get a higher peak. If only we were all like that … however this is not the case.

According to the ‘opposite concept’ we have mentioned, the best way to avoid brachial assistance and not to interfere with bicep growth, is not leaning forward, as is the case with preacher curls, however move backwards. The curl, when done on the incline bench, directly works the biceps.

Eliminate your routine preacher curls, process them the same amount of series of inclined curl and you’ll see the difference in a few weeks.

The curl-downs, a good choice: If that deep pain has been causing us to avoid training the biceps, here is a very effective movement. We call it the curl in pulley with both hands. Pay attention to how it is done. Using a somewhat different execution will not bring the desired results.

Try to do only this movement in your next session for the biceps. Concentrate for the muscle to strive for the concentric and eccentric. Six or 10 series will be sufficient if the intensity is high. For variety, you can do two or three sets of concentration curls and complete the workout.

Curl both hands with pulley

Place the wires at each end of the structure and set at the lowest position. Make use of two metal grips or two strings in a V-shape, or as suits you best. Use a weight that allows you to follow a strict form.

Remember it is better to do more reps than cheating with excessive weight. Use a grip below the hands and take one with each hand. Keep your elbows close to the body and lift the weight while you raise the elbows during the curl, as this will shift the power to the front deltoids and pectoralis minor.

Go to a full contraction and remain strong at the high point of the movement. Do 10 repetitions and rest less than a minute between sets. In addition to this unusual exercise, any variety of pulley biceps exercise will be very effective for your arms.

The Problem of Brachial

Although rarely known or discussed, the usual curl does not directly affect the biceps. At least, this is what happens to some people, according to their anatomical distribution. For a group of unfortunate people, the biggest culprit in this situation is the brachialis muscle, which is located below the outside of the biceps.

It is surprising, however the brachial biceps are the main reason that the hand goes to the shoulder. Of course, with increasing strength, biceps muscle fibres come into play, and that’s why so much weight curls always causes an increase in the biceps. Simple, is not it? Maybe not so much. Since each person has a different physique, some brachial muscles absorb the majority of the stress and the biceps function is limited. In other words, the biceps strives only if the brachialis fails to do so.

Apparently, the obvious solution is to increase the pressure on the biceps with increasing weights. However as many will have proven, this tactic does not always work. Have you ever used the curl with a lot of weight and have dawned the next day with sore forearms? This is due to the additional stress that is once again assumed by the brachial. They are very efficient muscles.

Unfortunately, this efficiency removes the stimulus to grow biceps when facing vegetarian bodybuilding diets and exercises. Maybe you can move more weight, however the biceps will be the same size, a very frustrating situation. If you’ll notice, the more advanced bodybuilders are using several techniques to isolate the biceps.

We have to discover how to influence a muscle with adequate force. In the case of non-growing biceps, the key is to try to reduce the involvement of the brachial as much as is possible.

Proper Curls Techniques

Leave the hammer curl: If we look at how exercise works the brachialis, we know what not to do. The hammer curls, for example, exercise forearms and brachialis, which are behind the biceps.

They are also simpler than the usual curl. More weight can be used because the bar reduces the tension on the biceps. Logic dictates that the more you go away from the position of the hammer to the traditional curl, it will put less pressure on the brachial biceps. You must keep your wrist as straight as possible.

For the dumbbell curl, keep the wrist a little inclined outwardly with your pinky slightly higher than the other fingers. However, when performing the straight bar curls with a wide grip, the central fibres of the biceps are worked more directly.

Upon buying a supplement to check

The calorie supplement is ideal for very thin people who start training or athletes and spend calories during workouts and practitioners of any martial art that is used both to earn a good amount of weight or energy drinks, thanks to its composition general carbohydrates a combination of high glycemic index, high biological value proteins, amino acids, vitamins and minerals and other nutrients, and some brands possess omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids are polyunsaturated essential fats for our health and must be present in our diet.

Ectomorphs, who most are characterised by low weight and difficulties to gain muscle mass, because their metabolisms are fast and burn calories more intensely, also found as an aid to develop hypertrophy, however always remember that after reaching an ideal weight, supplements could be replaced by the whey protein and calorie dextrose because these can cause some accumulation of fat.

Saturated fat: Saturated fat is the type of fat that you do not want to consume, however some products are very high in saturated fat and that is a clear sign that a product is inferior and a portion should contain no more than 5g to 10g saturated fat.

Also check how much of the product is composed of saturated fat, if the product has 20g of fat, of which 5g are saturated is within the range, without going past 18g does not tend to be a good sign, because it means that almost all the calorie earnings are composed of fat.

Cholesterol: It is also important to check the content of cholesterol in the product; you should never choose a product with more than 100mg of cholesterol per serving.

Sugars: There are calorie sugars that are filled to increase calories and improve the taste however it is not beneficial, either for health or results in your training. The ideal is that the supplement or shake has a minimal amount of sugar and we are talking about 30g of sugar or less.

Protein: Good dense amounts and should contain 20 to 50 g of protein per serving, and anything smaller than this amount is not desirable.

Relationship between proteins and carbohydrates: As a general rule, a good proportion of protein and carbohydrates in calorie should be at most 1 to 2, for every 1 gram of protein is needed to have at least 2 grams of carbohydrates. Then if the protein content is higher, it will probably be more calories than necessary.

On taste: Normally you will have to take 2 to 3 servings a day to have good mass gains, and thus, there is no problem in choosing a supplement that is palatable when looking at vegetarian bodybuilding diets and exercises.

Technology for quality weight gain: Some formulas contain complex carbohydrates that provide a constant source of energy with the best protein from hydrolyzed whey protein and CFM (subject to a process of cross-flow microfiltration of high technology to extract high quality protein for muscle growth). CFM whey protein provides higher levels of branched amino acids essential for building muscles, and also provides creatine, thus maintaining maximum muscle strength and a faster recovery.

Increased caloric intake is essential in vegetarian bodybuilding diets and exercises for gains in body weight and muscle mass, however without complete digestion and assimilation of these macronutrients, you can get the most anabolic return, then to overcome this problem a system of patented digestive enzymes called Tri-Anabol-peptide is used in order to provide the precise amount of certain enzymes to digest protein, carbohydrates and fats quickly and completely.

The Tri-Anabol-Peptase is designed to ensure rapid and optimal digestion and improve bio-availability for maximum anabolic nutrition for muscle. In addition, this enzyme complex bioengineering eliminates common stomach discomfort and swelling, there are also other products that contain potent activating agents of nutrient absorption with enzymes producing an increase in lean body mass.

Some supplements also combine the best quality protein to grow and recover, along with micronutrients such as Omega 3, 6 and 9, medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) and a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals to flood the body with anabolic nutrients, which are needed for explosive gains of lean muscle mass.

There are many recipes that call for the yolk and the white of an egg to be separated. The white in fact is full of protein and as such is extremely valuable for sportsmen of all kinds. You may just be a casual trainer with no real end goal in sight other than keeping yourself fit and healthy.

Summary: vegetarian bodybuilding diets and exercises

With the above vegetarian bodybuilding diets and exercises, you should find that you don’t need to add a few notches to your belt or breathe in when you are putting on your jeans in that case. You may however also agree if one of your friends suggests increasing your training to run in a charity event for a good cause.

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