Smashing Some Common Myths About Diets and Weight Loss

There are a number of common myths about diets and nutrition that we take for real and I don’t really are, such as at night to eat fattening or coffee is not good.

Some fast diets that we can find online support their methods in some of these myths. To discern what is true is not the diets that are attractive for weight loss, we explain a number of myths that are already part of our subconscious as things that are true and they really are not.

Coffee is not good

This common myths about diets was debunked recently. In moderation – two to three cups of coffee – the coffee is a safe part of a healthy diet. In fact, research suggests that coffee may reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, gallstones, Parkinson’s disease, including some cancers. Stay away from what is often made to coffee as cream or sugar.

Fattening food at night

There is no evidence that the evening meals make you gain weight. What we do know is that too many calories causes weight gain and those who eat late at night tend to choose foods high in calories. However, eating near bedtime can cause heartburn and indigestion. So you have to try to meet the mealtime and bedtime just recently eaten.

Sea salt has less sodium

Do you think that switching to sea salt sea shall be free of sodium? Sorry, this is one of many  common myths about diets. Adds flavour to foods with herbs and spices. Most of the excess sodium in our diet comes from salt comes from processed foods like soups, condiments, cheeses and canned goods.

The less fat you eat, better

The body needs three essential nutrients: protein, carbohydrates and fats. Yes, fat! The fats found in foods such as nuts, seeds and dairy products, give you energy and help rebuild cells and produce the necessary hormones. The fats should be limited or avoided are the saturated fats found in foods such as butter fat dairy, red meat and many processed foods.

Some sugars are worse than others

Table sugar, honey and syrup have a lot of calories (between 48 and 64 one tablespoon). So far, research shows that our bodies absorb the added sugars, such as syrup and table sugar in a similar way. Instead of avoiding a type of sugar, try to limit added sugars, like soft drinks, sweets and more.

Avoid processed cereals

We know that whole grains are good for us, full of fibre, vitamins and minerals. That’s not to say that we should get rid of all processed grains. Some processed grains are fortified with folic acid – all cereals and pasta are examples. While whole grains are the healthiest choice you can make room for some processed grains as well.

Drinking more water thins

There is no doubt that water is vital for the body, but helps you lose weight? Not really. If you drink water, stop drinking high-calorie drinks, then that is what helps you lose weight. However, the act of drinking more water in your diet, without changing anything else, you do not lose weight.

Too much sugar causes diabetes

He worries that his love of cakes or sweets will lead to diabetes? If you have diabetes, sugar intake will not get the disease. What factors increase the risk of diabetes? Overweight and inactivity. Make your body a favour: Reduce your intake of empty calories, like sugar, and get some exercise.

Carbohydrates cause weight gain

Stop believing this myth. Not all carbohydrates are bad. But it seems that people want to lose weight on low carb diets, right? Diets usually restrict calories, and fewer calories mean less kilos over time.

Athletes need a ton of protein

Everyone knows that athletes have extra protein needs for building muscle and strength, right? Well, not exactly. Most diets provide plenty of protein – for athletes and non-athletes alike. The real secret to increase muscle strength and athleticism to get enough calories is, and focus on intense training. Protein shakes and supplements are actually substitutes for protein meals, but eating right, it would not have taken.

Sugar makes kids hyperactive

This myth is not as common but it seems that is not true. However, research shows that children are not hyperactive by eating sugar. So why do children go like crazy birthday parties? It is the cake is probably the excitement of the party. However, pay attention to the amount of sugar that their children eat. Eating too many sweets leaves little room for healthier eating.

Tips for detecting common myths about diets;

  • First, if it sounds too good to be true, almost definitely not.
  • Second, ask yourself: “Who says?” Is the person making the statement reliable? This information based on a study?
  • There is no secret ingredient to lose or maintain weight. We know for a long time food and exercise are what matters lose weight in a week.

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