Great Exercises to Flatten Your Abdominal Muscles at Home

The fewer exercises you use for your abdominal muscles in your repertoire, the better will be your instinct to mark and maintain your abdominal markings. Marking your abs requires hard work and imagination. From all parts of the body, the abs are probably the least fun to train, however are also the first thing to be noticed on the beach.

Not only are the strong and defined abdominals the cornerstone of all physical ideals, however they are also vital for maximum performance in all your physical activities. Developing your abdominal muscles properly can help you be more competitive in any sport, and can make your job easier for fixing things around the house, and, best of all, you can make your dating more fun and exciting. Not bad for just a few minutes of effort every week!

We recommend exercising the abdominal muscles every other day, after a workout. All you have to do is to choose two or three moves and make four to five sets of 10-12 repetitions each. Just remember that no amount of any exercise will change the fact that your abdominal muscles will have a layer of fat around them. Therefore, you need to lower your body fat down to about 10% or less before your abs begin to be visible. So make sure to eat well and perform lots of aerobic exercise.

The following are some abdominal exercises to mark the abdominals and get the famous “Six Pack’:

The “twist” Abdominal Exercise

Stand up and place your hands on the waist. Start pelvic rotation to one side and then to another, always keep the shoulder in a fixed position. Bend your knees slightly to prevent and control the rotation. If you want to step up the effort on the oblique, make sure that it flexes slightly back.

Lateral trunk flexion with dumbbell

Stand up, legs apart a bit, put one hand behind your head and the other holding a dumbbell (weight or something).

Laterally flex the trunk to the other side of the dumbbell. Then return to the starting position. Alternate several sets of 15 repetitions without rest, on both sides.

Trunk rotation with cane

Stand with legs apart, take a stick and place it behind your neck at the level of the traps. Put your hands on the stick very loosely. There is a second option for the exercise, which is sitting on a chair with your knees together.

Trunk rotations start first to one side and then another, keeping the baton moving. This series takes several minutes to get good results.

Knees to The Chest

Lie on your back, extend your arms at your sides. Place your right leg bent upward and the left bent slightly. Lift your toes. Exhaling, it’s time to bring your right knee to the chest. Inhale as you return it to its place.

At the end, do this with the other leg. On the return leg, do not go all the way to the floor, as you could bend and injure your back.

Perform 12 repetitions and then rest.

Elbow and knee: Lie down; place your left hand behind the head, elbow out and the right arm to shoulder height.

Lift The Toes

Exhale and lift the left shoulder to right knee. Then do the same with the opposite side of the body. Keep your back attached to the ground. Put no pressure on the neck with your hand.

Perform 12 repetitions and rest

Raise head and shoulders (with chair): Place the legs together, one after the other on a chair in order to form an angle of 90 degrees between the thighs and chest. Place your hands behind your head, with elbows out.

Exhaling, raise your head and shoulders. Inhale to return to your original position. Keep the back attached to the ground. Do not lift above shoulder blade. Perform 12 repetitions and rest.

Left Leg (with chair)

Support the legs together, one after the other on a chair in order to form an angle of 90 degrees between the thighs and bust. Place your hands behind your head, elbows out.

Exhaling, reach your left shoulder toward to the right knee. Keep the other side attached to the ground. Inhale as you return to the starting position. At the end of the repetitions, do the other side of the body.

Do not cross your fingers, as this could cause you to strain your neck. Always keep an elbow on the ground. Perform 12 repetitions on each side.

Knee to Chest (with chair)

Support legs together, one after the other on a chair in order to form an angle of 90 degrees between the thighs and chest. Place your hands behind your head, elbows out. Exhaling, slightly raise the head and the shoulders and at the same time bring the knees to the chest.

Always keep the lower back pressed to the floor.

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