How to Communicate With Your Prospects Effectively?

Proper communication is the key to success online.

In this post, we will be covering several tips to communicate in the best possible manner.

Use emojis

Relevant emojis bring a lot of sense in a marketing communication. You can use emojis even in formal settings.

Spanning platforms, emojis are trending and are a rising trend.

Visual icons can communicate what your business is about and who’s it for.

In addition, couple emojis with promotional one word lines to make them understand what it means.

Use stories

Technology is both tricky and confusing.

Storyboard your idea in simple words and simple concepts to explain to people whatever it is you’re doing. This helps them remember the technology. This helps them stay longer on the page.

It creates an engaging platform for people. Technology as a medium is a great place to tell your story and see your popularity skyrocket

Use science

There’s no walking around technology without science.

It doesn’t matter what your audience is interested in. As long as you explain technology you need to find a way to include science to explain things simply.

Use the link to guide them and explain the tech behind the things.

You can also curate content from different sources as well.

Have a strong USP

To have a strong USP on your site you must be able to communicate the benefits clearly.

A company that communicates value effectively gets the product benefits right and conveys it in meaningful terms.

Think about product features but go beyond that. Think of the value they present and you get the benefit.

Value measures benefits. Communicate those benefits.

The value ideally should help the customer see the purchasing criteria of the product and how it compares compared to current products in the market.

The benefits that’s why should talk about the most important things a product has. These things should match and exceed what the competitors are offering and should make the front and center of marketing messages.

The benefits a product has that a competitor doesn’t should make up the next set of marketing messages and USP.

Optimise for SEO

Whenever you’re creating and publishing new and fresh content make sure to optimise for SEO. This is how you make things visible to your audience.

People who search for a niche or keyword should be able to end up on your site after their search has ended. This is only possible if you pay attention to SEO.

SEO however isn’t always easy and sometimes you need an expert onboard.

Network with journalists to get PR for your startup. Attend events both offline and online to get to know people. Make your brand more visible.

Leverage influencers

If you want to boost the brand and gain visibility while gaining an audience onboard, there’s really no better way than to get influencers to talk about the brand.

However finding the right influencer is easier said than done.

Who’s the right influencer?

Should you go and choose ones with millions of influencers shelling out thousands of dollars per post?

Or should you target micro-influencers who don’t have as many followers? Influencers can help you promote your brand, your podcasts or anything else for that matter.

If you target the right audience with the influencer, no matter how small the audience is, it’s going to work out in the end.

This means you get a bigger profit.

It’s all about the visibility you can generate for your offer. Do tests and then scale how many influencers you work with.

Use a lead magnet

The right lead magnet presented to the right audience can make or break conversions.

The right lead magnet is easy to create if you know audience pain points and present a solution that works.

Find out the problems customers are facing in the niche. What made you go into this business.

All these questions are guiding points you can use to create the right lead magnet.

The better you identify the answers to these questions the better your solution is going to be.

A lead magnet can be a video, a checklist, an ebook or anything for that matter.

Use facebook retargeting ads

A great method to communicate value is by repeating your offer. What better way to do this than to use Facebook ads. Facebook has the biggest possible audience and you can slice and dice the demographics to find a highly specific audience by their interest, age and occupation. Or so much more. Showing them the offer again again, cements the offer in their minds and brings conversions.

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