Fried Food and Your Face: How Acne Forms

I am sure you have heard it a hundred times, if you eat all that fried food it’s going to show up on your face. But does it? Is that the truth or just some old wives tale started years ago?
Fried food has got to be one of the biggest ongoing acne causing myths of all time. Does eating fried food cause acne? Or does chocolate or any number of other foods or treats?

The answer is no but for some reason that myth just never goes away.

What does cause acne?

Well if you ate fried food, didn’t clean your face, a teenager with over-active oil glands or hormones then you just might get a few pimples. If you got a pimple problem at any age that best thing you can do is eat healthier and remember to clean your makeup off your face at night. Sometimes it seems the easiest thing that is the real answer to a skincare problem. I have noticed that since I am eating a better diet, less fry foods and no dairy my face isn’t breaking out like crazy. BUT, what if you are stressed out?

Well that can show up on your face and even your hair! Learning to deal with daily stress helps your outlook on life and helps remind you of your good eating habits. One bad habit is reaching for junk food that is going to show up in other places. Or as a friend of mine would say “don’t bother eating that, just stick it to your hips, that is where it’s going anyway”

Now here is another interesting myth that isn’t really myth but more of a do you really need it or not? What about eye cream? Do you really need it? Eye crèmes it seems are hit and miss for most people. They either swear by them or tell you that you are wasting your money there is really no real in-between.

What are eye creams and what are they meant to do? Eye creams are thinner, lighter moisturizer for around your eyes. Do they really work? Well that depends on who you are talking to. And which one they are using. What you really need is sunscreen, at all ages indoors and out. You really think the sun doesn’t hit your skin while you are indoors? You do go outside right? Sunscreen and sunglasses and you can go without spending $100.00 on a tiny tube of cream.

But what if you are looking for anti-aging skincare? Then an eye cream that was created just to help tighten around your eyes would be a better product than your daily moisturizer would be. And don’t forget your sunscreen!

Here is a fun one when you are trying to tell someone why you want to go have a facial done.

Do you really need to have facials done? No but they are so fun to have!!

What does a facial done for you?

The skin cleansing facial deep cleanse your pores and exfoliates the dry skin cells which can help with mild acne and blackheads while making your skin look young and alive and stay looking that way! It’s also very relaxing to be pampered for a hour or so.

Now if you can’t afford to have monthly facials done, you can do it by making sure to exfoliate your face at least once a week. There are many products out there, and there are even ways to do it yourself at home with a DIY recipe. What a facial does is it removes all that dead skin that can build up on your face that can lead to those whiteheads and blackheads.

By deep cleaning your skin it helps your skin naturally renew itself.

Some of the oldest skincare myths all have some grain of truth in them, if eating chocolate at one time did cause that person to have acne well sure they are going to tell everyone! Does it cause you to have acne too? What do you think? Does fry food cause acne?

Do you really need eye cream? Can you exfoliate your skin at home as well as getting a facial does?

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To answer my own question, does alternating your skincare really help your skin, the answer is Yes it does! So read on to see why I say yes..

Have you ever started using a skincare product and noticed after a few months it just seems to have stopped working? Doesn’t do what it was doing for your skin? So you change to a different skincare item or items, and after a few months the same thing happens? Not even talking about high price ones either, this happens with all priced skincare products.

Now as someone who tests a lot of different skincare items I am lucky enough to be able to try all kinds from high-priced to drugstore brands. Even I have run into this problem, I will fall in love with an item and use it for a few months and start finding that it just not doing all that it once did before. Well as someone who works with Reviva Labs (I have done product reviews as well as offer their products on my website) I asked about this very problem..

And it seems that my email got crossed in the cyberspace because I got that day a email from Mr. Stassler about the very same subject! He had answered my question without answering my email.. funny but true!

This is what he said about it “I’ve recently come across a story of a “revolutionary” new skin-care line from renowned experts whose focus is basically what we’ve been preaching for years – “change the diet of the face often.” Of course, they promote a different formula each day of the week.  As you know, for years we’ve been saying that the skin should not only alternate products to suit the environment but that it’s important to alternate, to vary, day and night creams.

We’ve stated that our skin salon experience has shown that skin responds best to a variety of stimuli. Skin can become lethargic in response to the same cream; particularly as skin ages. Varying day and night creams create better assimilation and response.

As mentioned, even though their approach – with a different product every day – is not one we favor, their premise is the same as the message Reviva Labs has printed over many years .. CHANGE THE DIET OF THE FACE OFTEN.”

Think of it this way, if you are on a diet, what happens if you eat the same foods day after day after day? One you get bored, and two the weight stops coming off right? Well if change up the your diet (the foods you are eating) but stick to your diet plan overall, the weight comes off right?

Same idea with changing up your skincare products.

Here is something I totally agree with that Reviva Labs said that is so true The product that claims “to do it all”, generally features a wide variety of anti-aging ingredients including antioxidant, anti-wrinkle, hydrating, firming and more. The fact is if there are high potencies of several active ingredients in one formula, they fight and compete with each other for absorption. It’s like 10 people trying to get through a narrow doorway at the same time (imagine the doorway as skin’s pores which lead to the lower levels of the epidermis). Our experience has demonstrated that there should be one dominant active ingredient for the product’s major purpose … one ingredient with a higher percentage than the others. The supporting active ingredients should be in proportionate lower percentages.

I tend not to use a product is a all in one, only because I have personally found that using different products for difference areas of my face helps my skin overall look younger. If you see my face you will see that I do not look my age.

I have never been one that uses just day creams, I tend to use both night creams and day creams. In fact my day creams are SPF30 or higher if at all possible. ( I am a big believer in sunscreen) but I change up the brands I use, and the types too. You do not have to spend a ton of money on effective skincare products, but you do need to change them up. If you don’t well ever heard of your hair getting used to your shampoo and conditioner? If you hair can get used to a product why not your skin as well?

Next time you start thinking about your skincare products and what you use everyday and start wondering if they are doing their job or not? That is the time to change it. You do not need to add costly products, just something new even if its from the same brand. Feed your skin, lots of water, and new skincare every couple of months or so. There is a difference between night creams and day creams.. in case you were not aware. Your night cream will help your skin renew itself while you sleep, day creams with SFP will protect your skin during the day.

Taking care of your skin will help it stay younger longer, and that is all what we want these days…

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