5 Very Useful Tips to Ensure You Grow Your Business in 2020

While we’re not all in the same trade or type of business, the fact that you’re reading this online means that we are at least connecting in a an online “way” that is shared by millions – including YOUR customers. Let me share how to grow your business in 2020.

To help you hit new goals for your business using the power of the Internet and strategic online marketing, you’ll need the following key tools/resources.

Get the Scoop on how to Utilise WordPress

If you’re not already using WordPress as the content management platform for your website, you ought to seriously think about the benefits of switching in the new year. As small business owners with lots of tasks and projects to manage, you really don’t want to be spending hours and days fiddling with website technical challenges which are highly likely if you are NOT using WordPress.

One of strongest things going for WordPress is that it is widely used which means you can find plenty of affordable self study programs so you can create, edit and update your website yourself. In fact, for those of you who coach, teach or offer online services, becoming a pro at WordPress can be a very lucrative part of your business. You can teach others how to use this powerful however accessible resource!

Content is King…and Profitable

How you attract customers and engage the marketplace is with content. It’s not enough to just put your product or service out there, you have to use language and smart design to help your prospective customers understand why your product or service can fix their problems and satisfy their needs.

That’s really easy to say and explain however harder for many people to actually “do.” So in 2020, why not ensure that your website and marketing material presents your business in a way that is professional, engaging and attractive to YOUR target market. You need to gain trust in content marketing and not look like just another advertisement.

Your List is Your Greatest Asset

You’ve likely heard/read in many places that “the money is in the list.” It repeated often enough because it’s true. Your prospective customer list is extremely valuable and you should be building that list every waking moment. How do you that?

Easy you use one of the great automated tools available to small business owners like you. There are many out there however I like to recommend the tool I use as it’s been around for some time and is used by many business owners.

Evernote Keeps You Organised When Mobile

I’ve had Evernote saved to my system for at least 2 years, however I never really used it until last year. Now I can’t imagine being without it because I like to be productive while I’m mobile.

Now don’t get me wrong – I don’t text while driving or anything like that, however when I’m waiting in line at the bank or sitting in the doctor’s office, I love that I can jot down a few notes or ideas that are critical to my business.

I know some of you are thinking “How crazy is life today that we can’t just sit (or stand) with our thoughts?” Why must we always be productive to grow your business in 2020? All I can tell you is that I enjoy being able to write down my thoughts, or add to a list using this tool. It’s not stressful for me and in fact I feel energised once I’ve recorded something I think important into my handy Evernote file.

I use Evernote on my laptop, desktop and of course my trusty iPhone.

Sometimes the Company of Others is Just What You Need

It really is exciting to be able to be running your business from the comfort of your home office. Some of you are doing it part-time when you get home from work. Others are doing it full-time, making steady and sure gain with your dedicated efforts.

Regardless of your particular circumstance, one thing is for sure: you can grow your business in 2020 so much more with the “strategic” support of others. For example, you might be stumped and in need of some vital information – what do you do?

Sure you could spend hours and months searching for the right solution however in business so often what you’re struggling with has been experienced by others who’ve reached goals you’re only dreaming of right now.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to save yourself months of lost income by connecting with that person who has achieved success? It’s possible when you’re involved in a successful peer mentorship group.

Perhaps you have an idea for something however no means of connecting with the very audience who would love your awesome product or service. This is where a partnership can be invaluable. However where might you meet someone with the degree of trust and resources you need to join you in a joint partnership venture?

You got it…a peer mentorship group. These kinds of groups are about connecting with others and are truly invaluable and enjoyable – even for the most die-hard hermits among you. All the best in trying to grow your business in 2020!

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