How Traditional Marketing Has Given Way to Online Marketing

Back in the early 90’s online marketing turn the advertising world as it was known before into a new sphere full of opportunities for business, users, experts and scientists involved in marketing. Before the boom of online marketing, most business wanting to become successful were focusing their activities in what is now called traditional advertising and PR (Public Relations).

If PR is still considered a very powerful marketing tool today, traditional advertising placed in newspapers, magazines, radio, outdoor billboards, etc. is only a complement of new online marketing channels, however not a must.

Display marketing, also known as display advertising is the online version of traditional advertising. It is one of the most complete online marketing channels, since it reflects all type of ads – from text and images to video, audio and flash. However, more appealing online marketing channels are gaining ground in the fast growing online world.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing refers to the promotion of a site is done through third parties, who get their payment depending on the traffic, sales, conversions or other actions generated on benefit to the site. Affiliate marketing and other referral online marketing channels commonly use affiliate networks to interact with new partners and offer their services.

Email marketing or CRM

For most business, email marketing or CRM is one of the most important online marketing channels they have to acquire users and keep them engaged with the site. Users receive a newsletter in their emails after providing those to the particular business.

This fact is crucial for the success of this tool, since it shows trust and commitment from both sides – users providing the business with personal information, and businesses informing users on updates and interested information that might drive their desire to purchase.

SEM vs. SEO – the eternal battle

SEM or SEA is paid marketing directed to attract users in search results. By bidding on keywords such as the own brand and other specific keywords related to the business and selling products, a company tries to rank for those against competitors that might be bidding for the same keywords. This strategy is highly dependent on competition, since offer and demand are reflected on the bidding prices that companies pay to Google in order to show their ads in top positions in the SERPs.

SEO is the organic version of SEM. Nowadays, more and more companies invest in SEO teams to drive users to their sites by optimising pages in terms of content and information, technical aspects and appearance and attractiveness for the user. SEO is considered a great connector between users’ purposes and needs and the offer of the site.

Google’s algorithms are becoming more and more intelligent in determining what are the sites generating the best content users are searching for. Thus, the giant search engine has developed strict guidelines for webmasters to follow in all related areas of SEO. Moreover, considering the expenses of all paid online marketing channels, businesses are trying to use this organic tool to gain in both traffic to their sites while keeping low budget.

Social Media and mobile advertising

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram… are those familiar? Modern technologies and mobile Internet have created a new era in the world of online marketing, becoming Social Media a must among online marketing channels. The ability of content to go viral, together with low budget makes Social Media and SEO two very attractive online marketing channels to build a complete, creative and successful online marketing strategy.

Content is King and marketing is its red carpet to the kingdom of first rankings. The basic idea of using content marketing to spread our great creations to readers and other interested people is not something new, however still there is a lot of mystery surrounding it. Every day we read in blogs and sites specialised in content marketing what are the keys and best practices to succeed in this science and be the owners of the very much loved first ranking in Google search results.

However not all that glitters is gold, and getting that first spot is not that easy, and especially and most importantly, keeping it! Keep reading to find out some marketing strategies that will help your site getting there.

Understanding Content Marketing as Google does

Google is smart, however still needs to deal with millions of specialised pages every day, or best said, every minute! Modern businesses are aware of all requirements they need to fulfil in order to get accepted by Google, and they keep updating and optimising their content to be always the best ones. However content is not all that matters, more is that way we market it.

Content Marketing needs to have both creative and strategical faces to meet expectations of users and Google’s requirements. We need to make sure that our content is original and contains great information that can be spread through social media channels and reach interested audience. Our content should engage readers, and those should be able to share it not only on social media however also on their sites or blogs.

This makes it crucial to follow all necessary technical requirements when setting up our content marketing strategy, so that our content is filled with quality and attractive technical aspects for users, robots and crawlers willing to access it.

Google Analytics and Search Console

In order for our Content Marketing strategy to be complete and successful, we need more than great content that can engage users and be shared in social media attracting more and more people. We need as well to follow up on how the success looks like in the online world and, most importantly, in the world of Google’s first rankings.

To do this, Google Analytics and Search Console should become our best friends. We set connections to our sites and create customised reports that will allow us to follow up on site’s development and improvement over time based on set targets, metrics and KPIs that we want to achieve.

Time to create a mobile marketing campaign?

Congratulations! Mobile marketing is nowadays on the top of marketing communications strategies. Time spent on iOS and Android connected devices has increased radically and App usage dominates browsers when it comes to mobile usage. Coming to users through an effective mobile marketing campaign will be crucial for your business.

This time and in order to increase the knowledge of all marketing lovers, Love Content Marketing in Munich has summed up the 5 basic steps to start a successful mobile marketing campaign. Pay attention!

First start doing your advertising planning you should think about the following questions.

1. Consider whom is the mobile campaign addressed to.

Make a list of audience to know clearly who is going to receive your messages on the smartphone or tablet. Besides the traditional collection of telephone numbers in your events there are several strategies to gather audience, like creating a sign-up option on your website or promoting the campaign through social media or email.

2. Decide what kind of mobile marketing campaign is the best for your purpose.

SMS (short message service), MMS (multi-media message service), Mobile Apps, Mobile Banner Ads… What type of mobile marketing is the best one to reach your customers?

3. Keep always SEO in mind.

Make a proper keyword research in order to optimise your mobile marketing campaign. Increase your visibility on the search engines. Learn how to use a keyword planner like Google Adwords and other specific SEO tools. Work closely to content marketing experts that create the best content for your company. Make your mobile website rank!

4. Personalise the mobile campaign to the top.

Get to know your customer’s interests and create a personalised mobile campaign. This way you will catch the attention and interest of the users.

5. Don’t forget the importance of legality.

Respect law and ask for the proper permissions to run your mobile marketing campaign. Be loyal to your customers and make them love your great mobile campaign.

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