How to Get Free Traffic to Your New Blog

Have you recently created a new blog, and now you want to get free traffic to it, so you can start building an audience? Then you’ve come to the right article.

In this post, I am going to outline some effective, proven methods to increase your blog traffic, and for free.

Audience profile

Firstly, we want to create an audience profile. Ask yourself what is the target audience you want to serve? This helps you focus your writing and envisioning one person that you’re writing to each time you go to write a new blog post.

Basically, you’re getting it down to you’re just talking to one person when you go to write so you want to consider who’s your target audience what are their pain points in the industry that you’re talking about what kind of content are they looking for.

Keyword research

Once you have the audience profile you want to know exactly what are they searching for and how are they searching for what they’re looking for on the internet. Keyword research is crucial this will help you set up all the topics that you want to cover on your blog and one of the first things you’ll want to do when you’re doing keyword research is go ahead and do basically a brain dump of all the topic ideas that you want to cover on your site and that’s okay if you don’t know all of them.

You’ll get a really great core idea of what you want to talk about and then you can use certain tools that will help with the rest of the process. Some keyword research tools that we recommend would be like Ahrefs or Moz, both are really great tools. They are both paid tools however you can get a trial offer.

Great content

After you collected all of the keyword topics that you want to cover it’s time to get down to creating great content that is specially written for that audience, above.

You have to be creating useful content if you want traffic to your new blog. No mater what other trickery we use, it all comes down to suitable content too. You want to make it engaging, not just readable. You want to add bullet points, plenty of subheadings and suitable images. When people are reading online, it’s more difficult for them to read a wall of text, it’s much easier to read, when you have formatted the post to allow for scanning, such as sub headings and images.

Try to use plenty of great headlines this is actually one of the more important things to do and some people actually spend as much time creating the headline as they do creating the content. That’s how important it is and its for two reasons.

One the search engines need to know exactly what your topic is about or what your article is about however also you have users looking and they have several to choose from so you need to make it inviting for them to click on your headline.

Work on SEO basics

After you create your content, make sure that you focus some time on blog post SEO tactics for your articles. All this means is make sure that the keyword that people are searching for is in your body and your title or your headline. Having keywords that are relevant to what people are searching for tells Google that this is what you’re writing about is what they’re searching for. Also make sure you have the image alt text set up and this is the simple setting in WordPress where it’ll ask for the ALT text.

The ALT text is great for accessibility It’s also great for SEO because it also tells Google what that image is about as well. Next make sure you’re doing internal linking. If you have multiple posts up on a page and they’re related link to each other and that let’s Google know and that just makes your whole site feel more readable and lets Google know exactly what your whole site is about.

Get backlinks

Next thing you want to look at is getting backlinks and this doesn’t have to be spammy where you’re just reaching out to people say ‘hey can I get a backlink from your site?’. Instead we’re looking at doing relevant guest blogging on other relevant blogs. You can also look at doing a roundup post. This is just asking people in your industry maybe a question and then gathering up all their answers and then creating a blog post about it.

What’s great about this is once you tell those experts that you wrote this and you share with them the link to your post they may share it on their blog or on their social media profiles and then that’s a backlink for you.

Another great way to do it is interview another blogger. Once they’ve been interviewed then you send them the link and they’ll likely share it on their page as well. If you can’t do anything else right now one of your basic things you want to make sure you do is set up your social media profiles.

If you simply don’t have the time to do this, there are quality guest posting services that will do the strategy, outreach, writing, and editing for you.

These are simply extra links that’s telling Google that you’re becoming serious about doing this because you have all these profiles Twitter LinkedIn Facebook and all of these links are pointing back to your blog.

Start networking!

Next thing you want to do is start doing online networking and this just means joining social networks joining groups or slack communities maybe LinkedIn groups if that’s relevant just become relevant and be helpful in answering questions or contributing to a conversation online. You can also consider joining Q&A websites like Quora.

Build an email list

Finally which this really should be right after you publish your first blog post create an email list.

Go ahead and get signed up with an email service provider something like constant contact or Mailchimp and get started creating your list. Once you do that you can do a simple opt-in form on the end of every one of your posts or put it in your sidebar. You can even do an exit intent popup.

The first thing you want to do is definitely set up the opt-in form before you start getting out on the social media profiles and getting out there and answering in online communities.

Okay now we’ve gone through the tips that you can do to increase traffic to your new blog.

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