How To Pack For An Interstate Move

If you are moving from one state to another, it might seem like packing will be a breeze. How much could there be? Well, the short answer is a lot. The long answer is that there are certain items you should pack and others that you should leave behind to avoid paying for an extra move or getting charged more at your destination.

In this blog post, we will discuss how to prepare for interstate removal so that you can make sure everything goes smoothly.

Pack clothes and personal items in a suitcase with one checked bag. It is best to pack these items first so that you can fit your other belongings around them when they are packed, such as packing fragile or delicate items into the suitcases then placing heavier ones on top. This will help avoid breakage during transport.

Bring all of your medications and medical records – including pet prescriptions if necessary – in their original containers; it may not be easy to get replacements at your destination. Be sure not to forget about any special needs either (such as diapers, formula, etc.) but don’t overpack those types of supplies just because you’re moving long-distance.

Use Quality Boxes Only

You are moving to the interstate to be long-distance moving; therefore, you need all the boxes with quality and can not use recycled boxes for interstate moving. Pack like you’re moving to a new home, not just an apartment. You’ll want plenty of room in your boxes for anything and everything that doesn’t fit in your old house, so don’t skimp on the size or quantity of boxes you purchase.

Avoid packing “peanuts” because they can cause damage to things during transport; instead, use crumpled up newspaper as a filler material (or durable sheets if necessary). Finally, make sure that each box has a list taped to the outside identifying its contents with descriptions such as fragile glassware, bookshelves etc…so movers know what type of care is needed.

Label All The Boxes

Writing with markers is one good option, but it will be better if you have the label for boxes, and it will significantly help complete when you do the unpacking. It will be best to have labels for your containers.

Fragile Items Packing

You need to be very careful while packing fragile items or groceries. You have to pack them in a way that they will not be damaged. How much do you want to keep your items? We recommend using the original packaging, if possible, with bubble wrap or foam peanuts for cushioning and protective material.

Electronic Items Packing

You need to follow the instructions in the handy guide for each electronic item like Fridge, TV and Washing Machine. It is beneficial if you know which way up some items should go (especially television sets).

Car Items Packing

If you are moving out of the city, your car will likely be full. To keep everything safe and secure, we recommend using a cargo net or tarp to hold things in place. It also means less time packing and more time on the road!

Boxes And Packaging Supplies

It’s always wise to have plenty of boxes on hand for all your items (especially when renting trucks from anyone). Would you please make sure they’re clean, strong enough to carry heavy objects like books, framed pictures etc.? We also offer to shrink wrap for those who want their goods extra well protected too. How many? Well, that depends on how big this move is going to be.

Do Not Pack Such Items

We generally don’t recommend packing such items in moving boxes. It’s not the best use of space, and removalists can easily break these types of objects during transit (always check with your cargo carrier to make sure they’re willing to transport them). Always keep an eye on children at all times and only pack what is necessary. Otherwise, their things will take up more space than you have available!

Remember, kids love playing, so it won’t hurt if they have something new when they arrive. It would help if you did not pack Nail Polish Remover, Any chemical, Gasoline or Fireworks into the airtight boxes. A good rule of thumb is to pack these items in the trunk until you arrive at your new residence.

That way, they won’t take up room inside your car or truck during the move and will be easily accessible when it’s time to unload them into their proper place! If you’re moving with kids, ensure that all toys are stored away or taped securely to a box to avoid getting lost on route.

Kids love playing games with packing materials like bubble wrap (good for keeping fragile objects safe during transit), but remember that if any boxes have holes in them, don’t tape over those holes because then the contents may suffocate under high levels of carbon dioxide gas emitted by plastic and Styrofoam.

Keep Important Things Nearby

It would help if you kept important things like Jewellery nearby. Your documents like passports or driving licences are convenient things, so you need to keep those things convenient while packing and moving.

Ask Questions To Yourself

The following questions you should ask yourself:

  • How many boxes will you need?
  • How long is the distance between your home and destination address?
  • How much time are you allowed for loading up before departure at your current location?
  • How do you plan on transporting these items from one place to another (e.g., renting a truck, using hired movers?)
  • Does the weight limit exceed what can be handled by friends or family members who assist with moving tasks?

Contact Optimove For Packing And Unpacking

If you do not want to pack and unpack from your end while moving interstate, we will be here for professional and affordable packing and unpacking services.

Our removalists Brisbane team is highly trained to do all the things, we will come to you and pack each and everything as per your desire, and then after moving we will also unpack them at your destination. Call us today at 1300 400 874.

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