Sky High Style: Men’s Bomber Jackets Back in Fashion

Fashion has taken a step into the past over the last few years, and the latest apparel item to be brought back into fashion is the men’s bomber jacket. Bomber jackets in Australia are common in cooler climates or those with high wind – they are comfortable and stylish and keep that winter chill away. Extremely versatile, it is a piece of fashion everyone should have in their wardrobe.

History of the Bomber Jacket

We are only really just starting to see bomber jackets hit social media and fashion magazine pages in Australia, but they have been around for quite some time. These jackets were originally worn by pilots in World War II to essentially keep out the cold – the same reason people wear them now.

Today’s styles tend more towards what we know as varsity jackets – those worn by sports teams and schools to promote their brand. They have evolved to have their own style and to fit in with the fashion of today and can easily be paired with customised wholesale t-shirts in Australia.

How to Pick Your Team Wear Bomber Jacket

Because there are a variety of styles on the market, it can be difficult to pick the right custom team wear for you. But there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • What is the occasion? For casual wear to games or as promotional wear, you want a jacket that can be easily worn with shorts or jeans. For more formal occasions, like awards nights and presentations, choosing a jacket in a neutral colour that can be paired with a collared shirt and pants or even a dress, is important. Perhaps for custom team wear in Australia, you could consider choosing two bomber jackets – a formal option and a casual game day option.
  • Ensure the fit. There is nothing worse than seeing a jacket that just does not fit right. Bomber jackets Australia should rest loosely on your hips, and the cuffs should sit on or below your wrists. You need to ensure it can zip at the front, so it should not be undersized, nor should it look really bulky at the front.
  • Choose customised shirts to wear underneath. People often make the mistake of wearing another jumper underneath their jacket, but this can contribute to the jacket looking bulky and not well fitted.

How to Wear a Bomber Jacket Australia

Don’t overcomplicate it

When wearing a bomber jacket, you do not need to complicate the rest of your wardrobe. In fact, keeping what you wear simple yet stylish is the best way to help your branded jacket stand out.

Choose the right fabric and colours

Jackets made with cotton fit the Australian environment well and teamed with a neutral colour or your team colours, they can be worn for years to come, promoting your brand or team wherever they are worn.

Fit is everything

The only way to get a well fitted jacket is to choose customised bomber jackets Australia. Made to measure and fitted in all the right places, a branded team wear jacket is the only way to get your sports team looking great. Don’t mess around with jackets that only come in set sizes – they won’t fit everyone, and they will certainly take away from your brand.

If you are looking to add a bomber jacket to your custom team wear in Australia, Custom Varsity Apparel have everything you need to create a jacket that suits your brand and your style. Whether you want something more formal, or looking for a game day jacket that helps you stand out, teamed with branded wholesale t-shirts Australia, you’ll get the look you need that suits your team best.

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