Mens Vests Provide Hygiene And Comfort

In modern days whether it’s men or women they both are conscious about their inner wares more than the outer wears. The reason is if your inner wares are comfortable and fit you perfectly then it’s an add on to your outer clothes. Am I right? Inner wears are worn under outer clothes that make direct contact with the skin.

In the market, both men and women stylish inner wares are available these days. Innerwear that a man wears on the upper part of the body which may or may not have sleeves is called Men vest. Cotton Vest which is usually sleeveless, popularly known in India as Banyans are highly effective and comfortable clothing which is preferred to be worn mainly by men and small kids.

From a long time, it has been the topmost choice amongst all men for inner wears as it provides comfort when worn under clothes. Men vest increases the life of your upper outfit because it allows them to stay cleaner. It also makes men shirts and business suits look neater by providing an extra layer.

Why men use vests?

  •  Why do men wear Men vest? A big reason behind it is that it helps them to remain sweat-free in summer.
  • They are also available in woollen fabrics that keep their body warm in chilling winters.
  •  It also helps to make clothes less transparent.

Types of men vest available in the market

Generally,  it is divided into two category regular vest and sports vests. The regular vest is mostly worn with formal wear. While sports vest is used in a gym or field by athletes. Always keep in mind it should be thin, stretchy and close-fitted.

Round neck vest

This is the most common and very popular vest among the men. They are usually worn in sports activities. These are also acceptable as a public casual dress in warm weather places.

Gym vest

Gym vests are designed in such a way that it can provide the ease & comfort that’s required in the gym during the time of working out.  Gym vest is worn by fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilders and sports persons. To make your workout session less sweaty, these days there are many sweat free gym vests available in the market.

Sleeveless vest

These are also called as muscle Tee and it is quite similar to a without sleeves t-shirts. It has big open sleeve holes. They are often worn during sports or can be used as casual wear.

V-neck vest

Some men like a few upper buttons undone while wearing a shirt, the V-neck vest is best option for those. The depth of the V-shape can be different in size. These are more practical and preferred option for undershirt purposes.

Long sleeves vest

Long sleeves vest is available in both round and V-neck, mostly worn under formal shirts. It is preferred  in the areas where weather is not so hot. It absorbs the sweat more efficiently, if  fitted close to the chest and under the arms.

Thermal vest

These are designed specifically to  wear under dress shirt and business suit in cold weather. You no longer need to replace your wardrobe in different seasons as you can easily make a good use of your summer apparels by wearing this vest underneath your outfit that provides you with cosy vibes. This is a good trick for making your wardrobe replaceable as it’ll allow you to wear the same outfits for more seasons.

What do you prefer plain or coloured one?

There is no rule for colours. You can wear whatever colour you want but it is good to wear an inner ware that goes well with your clothes. It doesn’t need to match it exactly with your outfit, but you should buy a light colour if you are buying it for the purpose like wearing it underneath the outfit. For other purposes, you can buy any colour of your choice.

Where you can buy?

If you planning to buy vest, you can visit online shopping app like, Amazon,  Bewakoof, Snapdeal, Flipkart etc. Some people are very shy to buy inner wears, online shopping is bliss for them. Those days are gone when we had to visit the mall or local shops to buy anything.

But now, in this digital era, every little thing you can buy with a mere touch on smart phones screen. Whether it is an accessories, footwear, clothes, or innerwear we have shopping apps for everything. This shift from local markets to mobile phones in the form of online shopping apps, is amazing.

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