3 Most Popular Forms of Renewable Energy in 2020

Renewable energy sources are essential resources that cannot be depleted. They get replenished continually through natural processes, making them one of the more conventional options of energy available in the market.

With many commercial industries beginning to contact wind and solar companies in the Sunshine Coast for easy, more ecological alternatives, the popularity of renewable energy in 2020 has been on a rise. Some of the most popular forms of renewable energy include:

1. Solar energy

Possibly one of the most popular forms of renewable energy in the world right now would be solar energy. With many looking for both residential and commercial solar companies in the Sunshine Coast, solar energy has been able to grow to be one of the cheapest forms of energy available in the world today.

Harvesting energy from the sun allows the solar panels to absorb sunlight and convert it into electricity, which can further be used to power up all homes and businesses. Depending on your scale of use, you can choose to get individual solar panels or a shared solar farm installed in your community.

If you’re looking for the solar system in Brisbane to help you find a reputable solar solution, you can reach out to Circuit Alert for more information on how they can help you, today. As one of the finest solar companies in the Sunshine Coast, they can help you get started on your journey towards sustainability now!

2. Biomass and composting

If you want to go green, biomass energy is one of the leading methods to do so. Biomass fuels are created with the help of living organic matter, such as plants and animals, for the production of power.

Biomass can be used to create fuels like ethanol and diesel. Moreover, biomass is a ‘neutral’ fuel unlike the rest, which means that the fuel does not add any extra carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, making it ideal for combustion and creation of fuel.

Composting, on the other hand, is the use of decomposed matter in the form of fertiliser or soil supplements. Individuals can choose to create and use compost residentially for the fertilisation of the plants they grow in their gardens as well.

3. Wind energy

Another commonly used renewable form of energy is that of the wind. Wind turbines installed in turbine farms have been used for a long time now for the generation of electricity.

The wind taken in by the turbines allows the fans to rotate, and ultimately, generate electricity. On a smaller scale, wind turbines can be used for the pumping of water on farms.

Why should you opt for renewable energy?

As of 2020, we are witnessing drastic changes in climatic conditions due to global warming. Some animals are going extinct, with many non-renewable resources as the prime cause of these issues. Taking a step towards a greener future is our responsibility as human beings and we urge you to do what you must to create a safer environment for all upcoming generations.

Whether you choose to approach the solar power companies in the Sunshine Coast or begin the simple creation of compost bins in your backyard, the use of renewable energy and resources can help in ways that one can’t even imagine. Be the change you want to see, starting today.

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