How To Plan A Successful House Move With Kids

Although moving can be problematic for adults as well, children usually lack the coping mechanism to deal with the stress that comes with changing locations. This blog touches some of the ways that may help you alleviate some of the stress in kids before as well as on moving day. If you live in Melbourne and are worried about moving or hiring a removalist, this blog is for you.

Moving in Melbourne

You can manage moving everything on your own or hire a removalist. Especially in suburbs such as South Yarra, Eltham, Southbank, Newport, and Essendon, professional help is usually required. Removalists charge based on the weight of items, distance, and the number of staff members.

Why are children more vulnerable to stress?

Children find it hard to find a comfort zone in new surroundings. Moving means a new room, a new school, strange faces, and a different routine. From the time they were born, kids tend to react better to familiar external stimuli. They need comfort and the company of their parents. The friendships are fragile and children do not like it when things don’t go their way.

Your kids might have had to go through some mental pressure adapting to their school and neighbourhood in the first place. Now it’s all going to change yet again. Stress can creep in without you knowing about it. It is important to keep an eye on their moods and their activities. If something seems unusual, speak with them or contact a professional.

Although kids are pretty direct in communicating about their needs, they are unaware of what goes inside their little heads. They are not capable of analysing and understanding the triggers that are making them cranky. A sudden change in diet patterns, sleeping rituals, etc may signal that a child is stressed.

How can I deal with my kid’s moving stress?

There are a few ways that you can plan out your moving that can help reduce or nullify the stress.


Talk to your children and tell them that you will be moving soon. It is important to tell them about what is going to happen. Call a family meeting and work with your spouse as a team.

Take them out to see their new house

Set a date and plan a tour of your new house. Once you’re there, you can let your kids choose their own rooms. Let them plan how they are going to arrange everything. Involving kids into your plans in a light-hearted manner will make them more comfortable with the idea of moving.

Contact or hire a removalist

It is always a wise choice to hire a removalist. Their professional background and experience will help you plan everything properly. In the suburbs of Melbourne such as Essendon, the costs of hiring a removalist company is moderate. It is recommended to avail the services of such companies.

Plan ahead

Although the removalists will help you plan your moving, there are some things that fall under your responsibility as a parent. Since you will be travelling with kids, make sure that you do not pack the essentials such as diapers, milk bottles, a first aid kit, etc.

Safety Tips To Remember

  • Step carefully and take small steps to avoid injuries while carrying heavy items.
  • Do not leave flammable items and matchsticks unattended.
  • Do not leave electrical sockets and live wires open.
  • Clear a pathway for moving stuff.
  • Use proper equipment such as dollies, sliders, ropes, ramps, etc.

If required, hire a babysitter

If you feel like you will not be able to manage the kids as well as move altogether, hire a professional babysitter or a nanny to look after the kids. They will make sure that the children are out of harm’s way while you focus entirely on moving.

Assign easy tasks to the kids

You can also turn the moving into a game and let your kids pack their toys and books. This will keep them involved and stress-free. Also, you will have more time dealing with the more important stuff such as packing furniture or dealing with the removalist’s staff.

Plan your route

Once the trucks are on their way, it is time for you to hop into the car and begin your journey to your new place. In large suburbs such as Wesburn, South Yarra, Essendon, etc, it is important to chart out the route beforehand to avoid any hitches along the way. Unnecessary delays and stoppages can irritate the children.

In Summary

Stress is a natural reaction to heavy workloads and difficulty in adapting. According to Removalists Essendon, as adults, we have learned to cope with things that we perceive as unpleasant. Kids, on the other hand, are innocent and just beginning to learn the ways of the world.

It is our job to make this pathway smooth for them. It is crucial to turn the stress of moving into something positive for the sake of your children. If it means taking extra precautions, hiring a nanny, hiring a removalist, or taking a day off work, it is all worth it.

About the Author

Isabella Brown is working in the marketing division of CBD Movers for the past 7 years. She has an experience of 15 years in the niches of moving, packing and transportation.

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