Basics Of Dog Agility Training

I have owned many dogs, all through my existence, however have never always known the best way of training a dog. I based the dog training on consequence and just couldn’t figure out why that didn’t work all that well. But, almost 2 yrs back, I began training my Papillon for an agility competition.

She was incredibly high-drive and I knew she’d love agility training. So, I came across a great dog agility training school and off we went. We have been competing, really successfully, for almost a year now and, looking back, I have learned a great number of important things about canine training!

First of all, nearly all trainers require that dogs have finished at the very least a basic obedience class before proceeding to agility training. This approach is critical to agility training and, I think, just about every canine and trainer could benefit from a basic obedience class.

I discovered that I have a food-motivated dog and that my dog will work her heart out for high value prized snacks, not for punishment! There are skills you along with your dog will learn, with an obedience course, like recalls, sit stays, down/stays, and walking nicely on the leash. Each of these skills are some things that you will need anytime you compete, not to mention day-to-day life with your four legged friend.

The pace of your training will be established by the dog. Each dog learns at a different speed and, what comes effortlessly for one dog, may not come easily for another dog. Therefore, be very patient while training your dog in any kind of skill. Make it a game. Permit your canine to take just as much time as it needs, without becoming impatient or frustrated, to figure out what behaviour you would like from them.

Almost all tasks must be divided into tiny pieces, whether the task is a simple sit, the start of obstacle training, or maybe more complex tricks or agility sequences. If a person breaks the task down to something small, then mark/reward and do it again, a few times prior to making the task larger, you’ll have success while not stressing the dog out.

For example, when training a dog with an agility tunnel, you should scrunch it up to its smallest form. Have someone place your pet near the entrance while you take a seat on the floor by the exit, having a treat, and call your pet. As soon as the doggy comes through that little part of the tube, you mark/reward. Slowly begin expanding the tunnel utilising the same technique. In just a few minutes, you will have the dog sprinting through the tunnel no matter how long it is.

For agility training, once the doggy begins obstacle training, there is never a wrong response. Pet dogs get puzzled, and may shut down, when they start being told they are doing the wrong thing. So keep the training light and do not scold the dog for doing the incorrect thing. If your dog doesn’t do what you want it to, you just don’t mark/reward for that action.

You just ask again and, the moment you get the correct response, reward and make a big deal of it. That can make your dog more anxious to give you that exact same answer again. When you start competing, you might want to use a certain phrase to indicate the incorrect response, such as “uh oh,” or “oops,” however not with a scolding tone. This can indicate that the dog will be asked to attempt once again however everything is fine between the two of you.

Lastly, keep the training fun for both you and your canine. Even once you start competing, or have already been competing for a long period, this is crucial. If you begin getting caught up in the competition and title-winning, you could possibly fail to remember the reason why you started agility to begin with: simply because Dog Agility Training is fun!

Whenever the experience quits being enjoyable, your dog will not enjoy it anymore and nor will you. Agility is a wonderful sport and can permanently change the connection between you and your canine. Run fast, run cleanly, and, above all, have fun!

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